DTE Systems is test winner 2016

“Best improved performance and by far the best service”

Full score in all categories for the DTE Systems chiptuning box PowerControl in the eurotuner chipboxes test 2016. DTE Systems is clear winner at the chiptuning box test in the 150th anniversary edition of the German eurotuner magazine 2016.

The editorial team took a close look at six chiptuning boxes and tested all on a dynamometer. The results after the performance measurement were unambiguous: “Best improved performance” for DTE with its chiptuning box PowerControl.

And even more: with the included services, such as the enclosed TÜV part approval and the extensive engine warranty, DTE scored fully in all categories and has been chosen as the winner.


What has been tested?

Part 1: The dynamometer

The German magazine focused on the test results (power and torque) of the chiptuning boxes. All figures were precisely measured on a dynamometer. The test vehicle was a Golf VII GTD 2.0 with 184 hp measured with a stock performance of 188 hp. The DTE chiptuning box PowerControl achieved 216 hp (+28 hp) and 437 Nm (+51 Nm). This meant full score for DTE Systems and first place in the performance category.

Part 2: The packaging

Besides performance, the testers gave also points for a complete packaging. In addition to the tuning module and the cable harness only DTE Systems has a complete documentation consisting of installation manual, warranty certificate and TÜV part approval. Again, DTE receives the full score.

Part 3: The tuning module

The testers also rated the chiptuning boxes itself, including connected sensors, all security features, as well as possibilities for fine adjustment. Again, the magazine awarded highest ratings for PowerControl. DTE scored with a modern 3-channel system, highest security standards and a simple way to adjust the tuning module via keypad.

Part 4: TÜV part approval / warranty

In the last part of the extensive chipbox-test the magazine took a look at engine warranties and the TÜV part approval. The eurotuner editors gave the maximum score for DTE Systems, for extensive engine warranty (2 years) and the supplied TÜV parts approval.

Top on top: service / extras

Outside the ranking, but worth a special mention, the service provided by DTE received a special note from the editors.

That convinced the testers, so their final summary was: “Best improved performance and by far the best service.”