Volvo S/V60 Model Year 2014

For the first time ever, HEICO SPORTIV now offers design elements for the standard models and R-Design variants of the Volvo S/V60.

HEICO SPORTIV General Manager Holger Hedtke explains how the decision to develop designs for the 2 variants:

Since the R-Design’s launch, we’ve been permanently confronted with the question: for which design line should we develop our exterior products? For the Standard Design or the R-Design?

As the sales figures vary from market to market, making this decision has always been a dilem-ma. That’s why we decided for the first time, for the new Volvo models S60 and V60, to develop design elements for both variants.

There’s a whole lot more tuning options available, apart from the newly developed design elements for the Volvo S/V60. To name a few:

  • e.motion® performance enhancements for all mainstream engine and gearbox variants
  • e.motion® PerformanceKit T6
  • Dual and quad-pipe exhaust system
  • Sport springs
  • Sport suspension
  • 6-piston sport brake system
  • VOLUTION® designer wheel programs V., VII. and X. from 18” to 20”
  • Numerous products for the interior, including a sport steering wheel for vehicles with shift paddles
  • a new shift lever with illuminated HEICO SPORTIV logo

Read the full press release here.

For product availability, contact Autovox.