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When it’s time to replace your car’s suspension,

find out how to avoid costly mistakes and have the latest

Sportiv Replacement Suspension technology in your car.  

When it’s time to replace your car’s suspension, the common mistake is to only replace the shock absorbers leaving the old springs to support the new set of shock absorbers. Unknowingly, these sagged and worn-out springs will make the new shock absorbers work harder than normal, prematurely wearing them out. This is an unnecessary increase to your vehicle’s maintenance cost.
Furthermore, the vehicle driving dynamics will not be optimized when the old springs are unmatched with the new shock absorbers. The car will never feel as planted or comfortable as when the car’s suspension was newly matched and this incompatibility may also lead to uneven tire wear. 

So in reality the cost for a proper suspension replacement (springs, shock absorbers, mounts, spring pads etc.) will cost a lot more. In truth, it may cost you the price of an upgrade to a coilover suspension system.
For decades, the conventional spring + shock absorber package was the go-to replacement suspension solution. It was a more affordable solution compared to the advanced coilover suspension technology, which was then limited to motorsport applications and considered an expensive upgrade.
We’re happy to say that this is no longer the case. Today KW provides the most innovative, made-in Germany coilover suspension systems. These affordable Sportiv Replacement Suspensions are lower by about 2 to 3cm for better road-holding, sharper steering performance and enhanced safety. Comfort is also uncompromised while offering these benefits:
  • Integrated spring-in-shock absorber technology is designed with less independent moving parts and tested to work in complete harmony for maximum performance and safety.
  •  Twin-tube damping technology: with reduced friction for extended durability

Mono tube shock absorbers bear the following disadvantages:

  • Limited or no function in cases of lost pressure
  • More Sensitive for leaks due to higher pressure
  • Separating piston has a high risk of failure

Twin tube shock absorbers offer the following advantages:

  • Reliability under pressure: Continues to function even when pressure drops. 
  • Longevity: More durable and reliable McPherson struts without strong friction can be realized. Lower pressure results in less friction and reduced risk of leaks. 
  • Separated adjustment possibilities of compression-and rebound in reasonable speed ranges possible.
  • Flexibility of height-adjustments: lower for more sporty feel or higher for a more confident view.
  • External damper adjustment: rebound and compression adjustments for fine-tuning of ride comfort and performance by a few simple clicks. 

  • Improved performance: sharper cornering and more responsive feel between driver and street
  • Premium quality: stainless steel coilover struts with additional coating for optimized corrosion protection. 100% made in Germany and TUV certified.
  • Ultimate Warranty – 2 years unlimited mileage, one for one exchange program.

The KW Coilover Suspension replaces the conventional spring + shock set up with one single unit that bolts in and out on its own. It consists of the spring coiled over the shock absorbers, hence the name Coilover. This highly advanced suspension technology is lighter and more compact, saving you vital unsprung-weight, which translates to better performance and safety through shorter braking distances. 

The KW coilover suspension system is truly the future of suspension technology and trusted by these renowned automotive companies: 

So when it’s time to change the suspensions in your car, don’t go back old tech. Choose the latest in suspension technology from KW Suspensions Germany and rest assured that you’re driving with the best.

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